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 We located in Dazhou city, Dazhou is called “The Hometown of China Gas”,“The Hometown of China Ramie”, “The Hometown of China Olive” and “Oriental Pearl of Sichuan”, our response to Chinese western development, founded in June 2014, the main products are automobile urea and feed chemicals, is a collection of scientific research, production, marketing in one of the joint-stock enterprises.

There are total 120 employees in our company, 35% among them are technicians. we have two production bases: feed additives plant is located in the original unit 322 base, >>>>>>

main products:

feed additive,Feed mould inhibitor,acidulant,sweeteners,Emulsifier,antioxidant

Flavor,Large granular calcium propionate,Potassium diformate,Sodium butyrate

Zinc lactate,zinc oxide,Zinc propionate,Calcium propionate,Propylene glycol,Tributyrin

Tripropionin,Sodium Ligninsulfonate,Sodium diacetate

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